5 Slide Series

Monthly 5 Slide Series

Our 5 Slide Series is a monthly publication whereby we briefly discuss/address a selected topic. This series provides us the opportunity to see something and say something outside the confines of our client engagements. We strive to create new information in each edition through our own data tabulations and/or through conveying our ideas and opinions.

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Date Topic Presentation Link
Aug 2017
Financial Performance of Medicaid-Focused Plans Across Past Several Years
Jul 2017
Medicare Per Capita Cost Variation by Sate, 2015
Jun 2017
Preserving Medicaid and Reducing the Program's Spending
May 2017
MCOs' Growing Role in the Medicaid Pharmacy Arena: Trends from 2013-2016
Apr 2017
Medicaid MCO Financial Performance Overview 2015
Mar 2017
Progression of Medicaid Spending from 2012-2016
Feb 2017
Progression of Health Spending in USA Across 2006-2016: Overall, Medicaid, Medicare and Private Sector
Jan 2017
Medicaid Prescription Drug Use and Spending by Price Category, 2013 - 2016
Dec 2016
Medicaid Prescription Drug Volume and Cost Trends Q1 2015- Q2 2016
Nov 2016
Correctional Health: State Prison Inmate Health Costs and Strategies to Improve Re-entry
Oct 2016
Price Progression of Largest Dollar Volume Medicaid Prescription Drugs
Sep 2016
Current Medicare Advantage Enrollment Penetration: State and County-Level Tabulations
Aug 2016
MCO Procurements: Medicaid Agency Best Practices and Not-So-Best Practices
May 2016
Prescription Drug Spending in State Medicaid Programs, Employee Health Plans, and State Prisons
Apr 2016
Removing the Medicare Advantage Program’s Key Disadvantages – Guidance From the Health Policy Cows
Mar 2016
Publicly Traded Health Insurance Companies: Financial Performance Across 2012-2015
Feb 2016
Share of Prescriptions by State and Major Payer
Jan 2016
Medicaid Pharmacy Costs and Usage Trends
Dec 2015
Medicaid MCO-Provider Price Negotiations
Nov 2015
Progression of Medicaid Costs and Usage of Selected Hepatitis C Medications: Sovaldi, Harvoni, and ViekiraPak