5 Slide Series

Monthly 5 Slide Series

Our 5 Slide Series is a monthly publication whereby we briefly discuss/address a selected topic. This series provides us the opportunity to see something and say something outside the confines of our client engagements. We strive to create new information in each edition through our own data tabulations and/or through conveying our ideas and opinions.

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Date Topic Presentation Link
May 2019
Piloting Medicare Mandatory Enrollment Into Coordinated Care
Apr 2019
An Overview of a Pop Up Community Clinic in Redmond, WA
Mar 2019
An Analysis of Medicare Part D and Medicaid Prescription Drugs
Feb 2019
Unemployment Rates in Medicaid Expansion and Non-Expansion States, 2010-2017
Jan 2019
National Medicaid Enrollment Progression, 2014-2017
Dec 2018
CY2018 Tax Estimates for the Average U.S. Family
Nov 2018
Mid-Term Election Results and Medicaid Expansion
Oct 2018
Medicaid MCO Quality Tabulations - NCQA Rating Year 2018-2019
Sep 2018
Medicaid MCO Savings on Prescription Drug Costs - Therapeutic Class Level Comparisons
Aug 2018
Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Payment Trends in Medicaid Expansion vs. Non-Expansion States
Jul 2018
Medicaid MCO Profitability, 2016-2017
Jun 2018
Georgia Medicaid MCO Profile Report, 2016-2017
Mar 2018
Hepatitis C Medication Market Share
Mar 2018
The Medicaid Minute: Hepatitis C Medication Market Share (Podcast)
Feb 2018
The Health Care Fortune 500
Jan 2018
Medicare Special Needs Plan Participation and Enrollment Trends, 2010-2018
Dec 2017
Getting Out of the Stairwell in Quality Measurement and Improvement
Nov 2017
Use of Capitation Contracting in Medicaid: State-by-State Overview as of 2016
Oct 2017
Collective Financial Performance of Medicaid Health Plans: State-Level Analyses
Sep 2017
Optimizing Medicaid Managed Care: Insights from Various Musicians