About The Menges Group

The Menges Group was created to contribute to the evolution of coordinated care programs that improve quality of life and lower expenditures for high-need Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries.

Meet Our Staff

Joel Menges
Chief Executive Officer

Amira Mouna
Vice President, Director, Pharmacy Services and Provider Network Services

Poornima Singh
Vice President, Director, Government Contracting and Correctional Health Services

Jessica Wiecezak
Vice President Director, Procurement Services

Richael OHagan
Managing Consultant

Veronica Sever
Senior Consultant

Grace Williams
Senior Consultant

Austin Barselau

Emalee Barto

Manisha Gupta

Kyra Henderson

Neda Jasemi

Phyllis Call
Office Administrator

Marie Evans
Research Analyst

Agne Menges
Research Analyst

The Menges Group began nationwide operation in May 2013 to provide consulting services, promoting and developing effective and efficient care coordination and other related business strategies. We support clients in the design and development of programs to optimize operations focused on high-risk populations. Our projects involve improving client/member coordinated care strategies and services, and reducing health care expenditures among the high-need and vulnerable subgroups.

The Menges Group has a mission to promote the highest quality and most cost effective strategies to delivering care to high risk, high need populations. Our specific skill sets include:

Providing interim staffing for senior positions – our affiliated executive consultants have 20+ years of experience and are often called upon to provide management-level support to health plans

Our clients range from small community based organizations to Fortune 100 companies. The Menges Group's public reports can be downloaded at no charge on the Publications page of this website.