5 Slide Series

5 Slide Series

COVID Tabulations: State Level Analyses of Recent COVID Testing, Cases, and Deaths; as of June 30; Top 20 Counties with the Largest Increase in COVID-19 Cases
Publication Date: Jul 03, 2020

This edition of our 5-slide series quantifies-- in numerous ways-- the disturbing resurgence of COVID-19. In 46 states, for example, the number of new cases emerging during June 23-30 surpassed the number from the prior week.  The number of new COVID deaths this past week were 50% above the fatalities during the previous week.

Our tabulations are provided at the national and state levels (including US Territories), and we've also identified the 20 counties with the largest increase in new cases this past week relative to the previous week.

This edition of the 5-slide series was compiled by Manisha Gupta.